What is GlobaNaija.com?

We are the number one source of selling and buying your goods online. We are a Multi-Vendor platform that allow buyers and sellers meet each other.

How to post an ad?

First you have to create a seller account orlogin if you already have one. Then navigate to Dashboard and click Add Product

How to modify ad?

First you have to login, then navigate to Dashboard, click All Products to view all products, and click Edit Product to modify Ad

Can you help me to post edit/delete my ad or to upload photo?

We reserve the right to delete any product that goes against our rules and policies, however, posting is solely done by the seller.

How will potential buyers find my products?

Thousands of people visit Global Naija daily. Your products will be seen after it has been posted and purchased by our users if desirable.

You can also drive traffic to your product by sharing your product link to your own audience.

How do I create an account?

To create a customer account click login and to create a seller account click create a seller account

Reasons why we delete products?
  • A breach of the user agreement
  • Your ad is fraudulently
  • Using violent images or copyright image