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The sweeping, spinning, super broom that cleans up mess with little effort and no stress. The greatest sweeping innovation since the invention of brooms. Just push across any hard surface, and it instantly picks up chunks of dirt, food crumbs, spilled snacks, and messy kitty litter without ever bending down.

For clean floors faster and easier than ever before, the secret is unbeatable Sweepstorm Triple Brush Technology, which features horizontal grab-and-hold bristles that pull dirt into the center channel where the rigid roller brush immediately sweeps it into the onboard dustpan.

Ideal for hardwood floors, laminates, and sweeps out deep grout lines between tiles. Other sweepers and vacuums can’t get close enough to capture dirt along edges and walls, but just like a street sweeper, its horizontal bristles reach deep into corners and edges. The wide mouth is big enough to pick up slices of bread and features a squeegee lip that captures small particles, like spices and sugar crystals, so you can grab a whole cookie and the crumbs.


Triple brush technology that rotates

Cordless and soundless

You can use with laminates, linoleum, hard woods, tiles and vinyl

Good for hard to reach places

One sweep cleaning

360 Swivel Steering

Easy to empty

Easy to use mop an light weighted

Powerful Action

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